Project Description
A simple UI engine that provides a fluid touch friendly experience for windows mobile .Net CF applications. It includes an Animation framework, Gestures, and some nice controls like a .Net CF implementation of the Panorama control.

Fleux is the result of several spikes on Windows Mobile .Net CF User Experience, trying to leverage state-of-the-art features like kinetic scrolling, animations, transitions, and UI concepts such as the Panoramic UI Windows Phone 7 introduced.

You can see fleux in action in the following video

Screenshot1.jpeg Screenshot2.jpeg Screenshot3.jpeg
Screenshot4.jpeg Screenshot5.jpeg Screenshot7.jpeg

The current version of fleux includes:
  • Auto scaling support based on a specified design DPI. You develop your app for a particular device, i.e. HTC HD2 has 192 dpi, and fleux will be adapted in runtime for the DPI of the device it's running on.
  • A set of UI Elements out of the box:
    • Canvas
    • Scroll Viewer
    • Panorama
    • List
    • Text
    • Image
    • Transparent Image (supporting images with alpha channel)
    • DelegateElement (one that receives a custom drawing action)
    • more are coming
  • You can create your own UIElement
    • You can inherit from any of the existing UI Elements and handle touch gestures, draw the element according to your needs using a friendly drawing API, and easily using features like animations or kinetic scrolling.
  • An animation engine is included. Easy to use and very smooth.
  • Touch gestures detection is also included.
  • A default kinetic scrolling behavior.
  • Page Templates, for keeping a consistent look & feel in your app
  • Styles: A metro theme style is included.


I strongly recommend to download and install the Segoe WP fonts in your device. You can get them from the Design Templates for Windows Phone 7:

Fleux has currently two sample apps:
  • FleuxDemo: this is the app you can see in the video. It includes a splash screen, a panorama page, a list page, a custom element for gesture testing, and a scrollable panorama section. You can see how to implement what you've seen in the video easily using fleux in a c# application.
  • WindowsPhone7Sample: this is a sample that mimics the WP7 Home screen, as an excuse to showcase some of the potential of fleux.

Screenshot11.jpeg Screenshot12.jpeg

KitchenPal Contributions for Fleux are now publicly available! Windows CE Support

Gianni Rosa Gallina has published his contribution to Fleux making it work for Windows CE devices while developing the award winning KitchenPal project.
You can get more info about it and download it from the following link:

Fleux is coming, do you want to be part of it?

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